Good Werks

Yesterday, the Good Werks Project got to spend the morning at Bonton Farms. I've gotten to tour the farm and volunteer once before, so I was excited to get to spend some time on the farm and introduce Bonton Farms to the rest of the Public Werks, Inc. team.

Bonton is a South Dallas community where 86% of men have been to prison, poverty is rampant and jobs are scarce. Bonton is a food desert, meaning that it is difficult to buy affordable and quality food. For folks living in the Bonton neighborhood it is a 3 hour round-trip bus ride to the nearest grocery store. This lack of access to quality food has been devestating to the the health of the members of the community. Bonton Farms is addressing the needs of the community. Starting out as a small garden, Bonton Farms has grown to produce fresh, healthy, organic produce and the farm's animals provide fresh eggs, milk, and honey. Bonton Farms is providing healthy food, jobs, community development and restoration to their neighborhood.

As a country girl who moved to the big city, I expected to be far more useful as a volunteer than I was. Everyone was very gracious as I asked questions about plants that I didn't recognize. Danny, the farm manager, made sure I knew where everything was and I got a tour of the Bonton Market (expected to open in the fall of 2018). The most exciting task of the day was getting to help milk the goats. 

If you want to learn more about Bonton Farms and how to get involved, please check them out here.



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