Good Werks

As the world implements social distancing and quarantine measures to try to protect people from Covid-19, many of us feel helpless. In normal times, when people in our community are suffering, we come together. These aren’t normal times. Coming together during a pandemic isn’t wise.

In all this, need has arisen, one that I technically possess just enough skill to meet: I can sew masks. So, I pulled out my sewing machine, wiped the dust from it, and using an online tutorial, began to make masks. I dispensed fabric to others in the Public Werks family, who diligently cut to expedite the process. In all honestly, there was a fair amount of cursing involved in this project. My machine jammed multiple times and I broke several needles as I worked. Some people love sewing. I am not one of them. But, I loved the opportunity to pitch in and to help in some way.

The masks pictured here where sent via overnight mail to nurses in New York who were working on a Covid-19 unit and did not have access to proper PPE. Their facility simply didn’t have any masks because of the mask shortage. My hope is that they will be provided with adequate PPE soon. But until then, I’m happy that Good Werks was able to provide temporary protection to our frontline workers.


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