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On Saturday, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a Dallas County Health and Human Services vaccine center. Due to the devastating winter weather we received over the past week, the vaccine site was moved from Fair Park to Methodist Hospital, a gracious host for the event. Our task on Saturday was to assist in the delivery of second shots for those who had been scheduled for the previous week and had been canceled due to the weather.

Upon arrival, I was issued an iPad and given a quick tutorial on how to do registration for the event and how to record the vaccine while working with a health care professional. The other volunteers and I quickly feel into a routine, after receiving assistance from the county employees to work out any kinks we ran into in operating our iPads. It was a long day, but I can honestly say that I’m so glad that I was able to serve in this capacity and I’m looking forward to working at the Fair Park Mega Center later this week.

Prior to this weekend, I have been on the frustrated side of the vaccine distribution, researching furiously how I can get my parents (who currently qualify for the vaccine) an appointment. Knowing the frustration of that process made working at the center extra sweet. I got to watch county employees genuinely do everything they could to make sure we got as many people vaccinated as possible. I got to watch other volunteers and medical professionals treat people with such kindness and respect and we worked together to make the experience efficient. And I cannot emphasize enough how kind and grateful every single vaccine recipient was. Many of them had received their first doses in the early days of vaccine distribution where there were 6 hour waits, etc. Not one complained about that experience. They simply thanked us over and over for helping with the vaccine rollout. One woman had brought her mother and mother-in-law for their second doses and wept tears of relief as they were vaccinated. It was a joy to see people be vaccinated nearly a year after Dallas County entered our first round of closures due Covid-19.

If you’re interested in helping out, the county needs hundreds of volunteers every day. You can click here to sign up.

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