John CrewJohn Crew is the founder and President of Public Werks, Inc. and is the majority owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Texas Turnpike Corp.. Since the founding of Texas Turnpike Corp. in 1991, Mr. Crew has maintained its corporate existence in order to offer a unique development tool in the transportation sector. He is also a limited partner of Republic Holdings Texas, L.P. and a member of its investment committee. Over the past ten years, Mr. Crew has been fine-tuning his infrastructure development strategy and cultivating relationships crucial to success. He began his investment banking career in 1979 in the Public Finance division of First Southwest Company in Dallas, TX. In 1983, he joined the Public Finance division of Dillon, Read & Co. Inc., one of the nation’s leading investment banking firms. He was named Managing Director and a member of the Board of Directors in 1991, and held those positions until 1997, the year when the company was sold. Mr. Crew has more than 30 years of experience in investment banking and has originated and managed numerous large infrastructure financings and public-private partnerships. Mr. Crew, having attended the University of Texas at Austin and Lamar University, has an undergraduate degree in Animal Science and graduate degree in Agricultural Economics from Texas A&M University.


AlanAlan D. Friedman is owner of Trisept, Inc. and a shareholder and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Texas Turnpike Corp.. Mr. Friedman has more than 30 years of development and investment experience as a principal and operating partner. He has developed, financed, marketed, managed and acquired over $3 billion of commercial, mixed-use and lifestyle properties. Trisept, founded in 1990, provides acquisition and development services for commercial properties to a wide variety of clients. Since 2001, Trisept has focused primarily on investments in the lifestyle sector. From 1980 to 1990, Mr. Friedman was an operating partner at Lincoln Property, where he had direct responsibility for developing, financing, marketing and managing more than three million square feet of projects in the North Central Texas region. Mr. Friedman holds a BA in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin. He has served as a Board Member and Foundation Trustee of the Salesmanship Club of Dallas; Board Member of the North Texas National Association of Industrial and Office Parks; Urban Land Institute member; Trustee for the Incarnation Foundation; Trustee for Texas Christian University; Trustee for the Mary Potishman Lard Trust; and Trustee for Southwestern Medical Foundation.


Elizabeth R. Hoffman is an Associate of Public Werks. Ms. Hoffman excels at business planning and anticipating potential issues and their systemic impact. Ms. Hoffman has experience in technical writing, which she has put to work for the Public Werks team. After receiving a degree in History for Secondary Education from Grove City College, Ms. Hoffman started her career as an office manager for ANEW Center for Medical Aesthetics in Washington DC. Beginning in 2010, Ms. Hoffman was employed with Covidien, a $10 billion global healthcare products leader. With intimate knowledge of the logistics and shipping needs of a major international corporation, Ms. Hoffman transitioned easily to working on transportation projects upon joining the Public Werks team in 2014. Ms. Hoffman volunteers as an English as a second language teacher through the Dallas Public Library.



Scott Young is a Director and General Counsel at Public Werks. Mr. Young brings over 20 years of senior level management experience including managing complex capital projects. He has over 25 years of transportation engineering experience including schematic development, roadway design, right-of-way, and environmental studies. His legal experience includes general litigation, right-of-way acquisition, condemnation, and contractual and agreement development. Mr. Young began his career at TxDOT in 1984. Upon leaving TxDOT, Mr. Young became General Counsel at the North Texas Tollway Authority from 1998 to 2001. Mr. Young served at the Assistant City Manager of the City of Frisco from 2001 through 2006. Upon leaving the City of Frisco, Mr. young worked in the private sector for Pate Transportation Partners as a Program Manager and for Raba Kistner Infrastructure, Inc. as Vice President. Mr. Young holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University and a JD from Texas A&M University.

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